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A Toast to the College Life

College is quite possibly the most competitive place and time of a young person’s life. Grades, girls, guys, getting laid, and the games – beer pong, flip cup, slap cup, kings, ride the bus, screw the dealer, fuzzy duck, wizard sticks, beer Olympics, dance battle royales, and generally just pushing yourself beyond your natural drinking point and trying not to puke is a challenge all in itself. We spend four years honing our craft, building our tolerance, pulling all nighters, hanging in class while ridiculously hungover, ingesting outrageous amounts of caffeine, sleeping all day (at least on the weekends) and being nocturnal creatures for all of the night only at the conclusion to be given a small slip of paper with our name, a promise of a degree, and to ultimately face the greatest challenge of all: becoming “adults”.  

            This summer I have gained great insight into the professional life and the working world. The work I have been doing is refreshing and new, and has made me excited for the next stage of my life. Independence, personal satisfaction from work, and the endless possibilities of the future are incredibly enticing.

            But not so tempting that I’m ready to say good-bye to college just yet. I dream of the day that I get to move back into my beloved dorm, enthusiastic and energized to make senior year the best.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to wearing sweatshirts & yoga pants from Monday to Friday, to drinking on snowdays, weeknights, Arbor Day, Cinco de Drinko, and other days that would not be as socially acceptable to drink on, unless you are in college.

 There are plenty of recaps of the shenanigans that occurred the night before in the caf to be had, lots of lazy visits to sparknotes because you did not read yet again for class, and pulling some now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t magic acts hiding in closets and burying under beds in attempts to not get written up by security.  You have approximately eight to ten classes left to ditch for better plans or just to bond with your bed, countless nights to  dress like a streetwalker and not be considered a slut because it’s your “crazy college years”, and quite a few bar nights left to  spend the very little money you have to your name on good times with great friends instead of bills, bills, and more bills.

                       College can often be a challenge, but then again so is life. Whenever I feel that classes, commitments, and everything else get to be too much, I often refer to the iconic words of Tom Petty, the original American heartbreaker,  

So, in college, make sure to take on all the challenges  and opportunities (socially, sexually, and otherwise) that accompany it;  seriously debate on where you want to study abroad, slink your way proudly across campus during your walk of shame, settle for  some bargain priced Ketel One instead of Grey Goose, and just. have. fun. Life, and even moreso, college is too short to live in complete regret. So may your challenge be this: enjoy the atmosphere, the booze, your buddies, and the best years of your life, and leave with a smile knowing that you made it the best damn time. You have the rest of your life to work, don’t start too soon.  Shoutout to the class of 2013, here comes senior year. Let’s do it right ; )

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