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I am a No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Date


I’ve gotta say, I’ve given guys a lot of flack on this blog. As a muckraker deep in the dating trenches, this blog has showcased the full-hearted, half-assed, and all the in-between attempts of passes men have made at...

Thoughts (&Thots) Whilst Tindering


Ted, 24. 13 miles away. Mmm…Can’t tell what he looks like because he’s lying face-down in his picture. Kinda looks like he’s dead. Omg wait…is he dead? He might be dead. No…wait. Maybe. Omg. HE’S NOT MOVING. WHO DO I CALL IF I FIND A DEAD BODY ON TINDER?! WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE FOR THIS?! IS THERE A TINDER HOTLINE?!

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